Mamy Poko Pants Extra Absorb Diaper L 12

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Information about Mamy Poko Pants Extra Absorb Diaper L

Size: M

Weight: Ideal for babies with weights ranging from 7 to 12 kilograms
Upto 12 hours Absorption: Pant Style Diapers with Upto 12 hours Absorption 
Powerful Slim Core: Its new thin comfortable core provides up to 12 hours of absorption and keeps your baby dry the whole night. 
All Round Soft Elastic Band: It is easy to fit and gentle on your baby's skin. Its breathable material keeps your baby fresh and comfortable. 
Super Soft Material: It has cotton like soft material for maximum comfort and prevents redness or rashes on your baby's sensitive skin. 
Fun Winnie The Pooh Designs: Diapers can be fun too. Mamy Poko Pants Extra Absorb comes with 5 exciting Winnie The Pooh Designs in a single pack. Give your baby a happy diaper experience!